Vision: To attract and retain a refined pool of independent contractors.
Mission: To recruit, credential and/or certify top quality service providers.

Credentialing Process for Contract Positions NAHHS

Welcome to Executive Training Consultants (ETC) Credentialing & Certification Center. ETC has been contracted to credential and/or certify prospective applicants for New Albany Home Health Solutions (NAHHS). If you are an applicant and would like to apply for a contract position, please follow the instructions to ensure that your file is vetted and forwarded to the hiring company. Completion of the credentialing requirements does not guarantee a contract position. Please ensure that you disclose any disqualifying criteria prior to the submission of any documentation. If you are unsure or do not understand the disqualifying criteria, please call 614.372.8686 extension 1.

Please note: Applicants that are NOT a Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist or a Licensed Professional Counselor are required to earn the Professional Life Coach Certification within one year of applying for a contract position at NAHHS. 

PreQualification for Contract Positions

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you May Not be eligible  for a contract position with NAHHS.
  1. Do you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction?
  2. Do you have a DUI, Reckless operations or six or more points on your driving record?
  3. Do you have unreliable transportation?
  4. Are you unable to secure $100,000/$300,000 vehicle insurance coverage?

To apply for a position with New Albany Home Health Solutions:

Send your resume to and indicate in the email who referred you for the position.