Vision: To attract and retain a refined pool of independent contractors.
Mission: To recruit, credential and/or certify top quality service providers.

Assessment Center

Benchmark of Success

ETC's benchmark for the Life Coach Certification Program (PLCC) requires that all contractors maintain an 80% proficiency in Behavioral Health Care Standards. As part of ETC's comprehensive quality standards, assessing the competency of its contractors is a standard protocol in the credentialing and performance improvement initiative for all licensed and unlicensed contractors. Recruiting and selecting the best talent, assessing competency, and instituting rigorous standards in the training and/or PLCC Program, ensures that all professionals that successfully maneuver through the credentialing and/or certification process are unparalleled to other behavioral health professionals.

Entrance Assessment

All applicants (licensed and unlicensed) of NAHHS and NAEC must complete an entrance assessment as part of the credentialing process.
To take the entrance assessment, please enter the assessment code provided by the ETC Credentialing Representative.

Course Certification Assessment

Life Coach Trainees enrolled in the Life Coach Certification Program are required to complete an assessment after each certification course completed. Each assessment requires a passing grade of 80% or higher, in order to earn credit for the certification course.

If you are a Life Coach Trainee enrolled in the Life Coach Certification Program and need to complete an assessment, please create an account and login to the Assessment Center.