Vision: To attract and retain a refined pool of independent contractors.
Mission: To recruit, credential and/or certify top quality service providers.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics is a comprehensive performance management tool that provides highly reliable information to support operational decision-making. Outcomes of Care, Treatment and/or Services (CTS), human resources, information technology and financial management are Key Performance Indicator(s) (KPI's) for the measures of success in Continuous Quality Improvement.

Contractor Performance Evaluation

CTS is the most critical KPI in the evaluation of quality outcomes. Therefore, evaluating the performance of the independent contractors that deliver services for NAHHS or NAEC, lead to the Continuous Quality Improvement measures that are analyzed by the Performance Analytics Tool.

In the near future, all independent contractors of NAHHS or NAEC will be able to complete a self-evaluation of the tasks that they complete under their contractual agreement. This information will be used to assist NAHHS and NAEC in operational decision-making, continuous quality improvement and/or improved quality outcomes.